From Our Chairman and CEO

"We believe that success occurs when preparation meets opportunity." It’s been an exciting few years for Meritage Midstream. In April 2012, our natural gas gathering assets in the Eagle Ford shale were acquired by Howard Energy Partners. Today we are pursuing acquisition and greenfield opportunities in unconventional resource plays across North America, with an emphasis on Wyoming's Powder River Basin. We are focused on developing highly strategic midstream infrastructure that helps oil and gas producers, marketers and refiners carve out a path to value.

We think of ourselves as a core business partner and measure ourselves based on our customers’ success. The nation’s emerging shale plays and ongoing advances in drilling and completion technologies have created tremendous opportunity for the energy industry and the country. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to respond rapidly and effectively to producer needs in these basins so producers and others are fully prepared to meet upstream opportunities with the required midstream assets.

Unconventional shale plays have also created enormous opportunity for America. We are producing a cleaner, domestic energy supply that will ensure an independent energy future for our country and strengthen our national security. Meritage Midstream is proud to participate in that effort.

Steve Huckaby
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Meritage Midstream