Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline

Meritage subsidiary Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline, LLC (“Thunder Creek”) is the developer of a new interstate, common-carrier pipeline system. The proposed pipeline will provide options for delivering product to the natural gas liquids (NGL) markets at Mont Belvieu, Texas, and Conway, Kansas. The pipeline will meet this objective by transporting unfractionated NGLs produced in Wyoming’s liquids-rich Powder River Basin from multiple points of origin to delivery points on the Phillips 66 Powder River Pipeline, the Overland Pass Pipeline near the Colorado-Wyoming border, and the Front Range NGL Pipeline near Lucerne, Colorado.

The pipeline has a preliminary design capacity of 15,000 barrels per day (expandable to 30,000 bbls/d). The first 108-mile leg of the pipeline came into service in April 2015. This pipeline originates at the 50 Buttes Natural Gas Processing Complex near Gillette, Wyoming, and terminates at an interconnect with Phillips 66’s Powder River Pipeline near Douglas, Wyoming. The Phillips 66 Powder River Pipeline delivers natural gas liquids to Phillips 66’s fractionation and refining complex near Borger, Texas. The 50 Buttes Plant is owned by Thunder Creek Gas Services, L.L.C., also a wholly owned subsidiary of Meritage.

Meritage will begin construction of a 140-mile extension to the NGL pipeline when market conditions and demand warrant.

Based on shipper interest, additional origin points for the Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline may include:

  • Thunder Creek Gas Services’ proposed 200 MMcf/d gas processing plant in Converse County, Wyoming;
  • Thunder Creek Gas Services’ 4-43 natural gas processing plant in Campbell County, Wyoming;
  • Access Midstream’s Bucking Horse gas processing plant near Douglas, Wyoming;
  • Tall Grass Energy’s Douglas processing plant near Douglas, Wyoming;
  • ONEOK’s Sage Creek gas processing plant in Converse County, Wyoming.

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